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Dr. Levy® 3DEEP™ Cleanser FastMask™

Dr. Levy® 3DEEP™ Cleanser FastMask™


Exposure to pollution and environmental aggression is scientifically proven today to result in significant oxidative stress, which can cause deep damage to the skin.


The 3Deep™ Cleanser FastMask™s unique complex acts in three simultaneous ways to deeply cleanse, to renew and to strengthen the skin, optimally boosting the Dr. LEVY Switzerland®’s powerful, preventative and reparative powers.


More than your usual cleanser, the 3Deep™ Cleanser FastMask™ has 3 application rituals and 3 targeted actions for immediate results


Three Application Options


· Gentle cleanser

· Intensive exfoliation

· Skin-renewing FastMask™


Three Targeted Actions


· Double micro-resurfacing for a deep cleansing

· Skin renewal for a healthier, more protective superficial epidermal barrier

· Skin soothing & plumping for a delightful, silky-soft finish


Key Ingredients


Glycolic Acid


Lactic Acid, C12-13 Alkyl Lactate


Oryza Sativa (Rice) Powder


Benzuoic Acid, Chlorphenesin