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IPL skin rejuvenation involves using intense pulses of specific wavelengths of light energy. These are absorbed by the skin where the light is then converted to heat. This is carried out in a controlled and specific manner so that very small and localized areas of the skin can be targeted. This can include sun spots, age spots, and other areas of skin damage. The heat triggers skin cell rejuvenation allowing new skin cells to replace the old in areas of damage, significantly improving the appearance of the skin.

IPL skin rejuvenation can target areas of skin damage specifically. This high level of control allows the healing and rejuvenation process to begin, reducing the appearance of sun damage, or even the signs of ageing, and allowing the skin to be transformed. For younger, healthier looking skin, IPL skin rejuvenation can be the perfect option.

It’s not just damage that can be repaired with an IPL skin rejuvenation treatment, as this can also help to reduce the signs of ageing too, including fine lines and wrinkles. The IPL treatment uses light waves which can deliberately target loose collagen deep within the skin tissue. This will be removed by the body immediately, but new collagen will also be stimulated and reformed for increased facial structure and volume. This can replace the volume lost around fine lines and wrinkles which in turn leads to smoother, younger looking skin.

IPL skin rejuvenation is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that can provide significant visual results to your facial skin. The treatment is faster than other laser therapies and causes no skin damage at all. This means that there is no need for a recovery time after your treatment, though strong sunlight should be avoided initially.


45 min




From £115

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